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Emerging Technology

Courses that upskill participants to shape the future and be part of the fourth Industrial revolution.

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Emerging Businesses

Courses that upskill participants to develop and deploy strategies in various business segments – IT, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Services and more.

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Organization Development

Courses that introduce strategies to drive business and cultural transformation.

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Management, Leadership and Executive

International Courses to advance the skills, knowledge and competencies of executives and leaders within an organization.

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Finance & Banking

Courses that upskill and qualify participants for international certifications and financial analytics and practices deployment.

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Healthcare and Pharmacy

Courses that upskill and qualify participants for international certifications and medical practices and technologies deployment.

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About Us

Global Presence and Endorsement
Our company operates across all continents, with a strong presence in countries within the Gulf and Middle East. We are proud to be endorsed by a United Nations partner for our impactful activities.

Comprehensive Training Programs
As providers of over 1,000 training programs, we cover a wide range of topics, including technology, business, and personal development.

Expert-Driven Training Material
Our world-class training material is meticulously crafted and delivered by certified scholars and seasoned global professionals with over 200 years of combined experience.

Access to a Vast Digital Library
Participants in our programs gain access to the largest digital library, hosted at choolsgroup.com.

HACKATHON Leadership
We proudly own and organize 400+ HACKATHON Programs, engaging over 500,000 students and collaborating with 47 Fintech start-ups.

Holistic Approach: Train, Coach, and Hire
Our commitment extends beyond training; we also provide coaching and facilitate employment opportunities.

Certification Partnerships
We are associated and accredited certification partners with esteemed organizations such as KPMG, Microsoft, Oracle, EC – Council, and the Institute of Analytics – UK for our Data & Emerging Technologies Courses.

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Recent Events

15 Plant IT Heads of DIAGEO – North America professionally Certified on LEARNATHON – HACKATHON Programs

47 Engineers trained and certified as reliability certified maintenance professional and project managers driving 2.5MM savings - Al Rabie KSA -6 months course.

Supply Chain - Lean Manufacturing Program driving 4MM productivity savings – Al Rabie KSA.

Coca Cola AMENA Executive leadership training for Wharton’s Leadership and Management Certificate course.

Tie up with SRM university to train 300+ students on Data Analytics – Supply Chain Forecasting course .

25 Operations and supply chain supervisors trained on "Leading Teams for Emerging Leaders" course - pepsi KSA.

Conflict Management Training Program

Siemens Leadership Executive Training


Upcoming Courses

Fullstack Architecture

15th April - 2024

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International Data Analytics

5th April - 2024

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